Being on retreat is a great opportunity to "de-connect to reconnect". Practicing daily for several hours allows us to go much deeper into our practice. Research has shown the positive impact of mindfulness retreats both on reactivity to stress and on breathing patterns. We also have more time to connect with what gives meaning and purpose to our lives and "reset". 

Peaceful Heart Retreat 2022

3 1/2 day Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat

Dates: 1.-4. September, 2022

Location: Flora Alpina, Vitznau

We all want to live in harmony, peace and connection with ourselves, the people we love, our communities and our countries. How often do we find however, that we are at war with ourselves, in conflict with the people we love and disconnected from the people around us?
Mindfulness traditions offer various practices to cultivate a peaceful, open, compassionate heart and a clear mind... more info

Being wholesome Retreat 2023

Join us for a seven Day Mindfulness & Yoga Retreat to reconnect with what really matters...

Dates: 18.-25. March, 2023

Location: la Rosa dei 4 Venti, Puglia

More information to follow shortly