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Welcome to mindful healthy living. On this site you will find information about current Yoga und Mindfulness courses, Workshops & Retreats, as well as Mindful Healthy Living Coaching. We offer easily understandable information and concrete practices on topics such as: Meditation, Yoga, Pranayama, Loving Kindness, Compassion, as well as insights from research about Stress, Sleep, Nutrition, etc. and recipes.


Here you can find current yoga classes.

Workshops & Retreats

Here you can find information about current mindfulness courses, workshops and retreats.

Private Classes

Private Yoga and Mindfulness Classes can be booked here.


Here you find information and insights, concrete practices and yummy recepies for a mindful healthy live style.

Mindfulhealthy Living Coaching

Mindful Healthy Living Coaching connects experience with various Yoga and Mindfulness aproahes with insights from neuroscience and health related topics. The coaching are tailored to your specific situation... more


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