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Join us for the next Seven Day Mindfulness & Yoga Retreat from 19.-26. March, 2022 at marvelous la Rosa dei 4 Venti, Puglia, Italy. 


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Joyful Living Coaching

Joyful Living Coaching intends to support you to identify ways in which you can make simple life-style changes that improve your wellbeing and enable you to enjoy life more fully. Drawing on functional medicine foundations...


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I have always wanted to do something meaningful that helps people in some way. In my youthful enthusiasm I thought that working in development cooperation would be my path and therefore pursued studies in Social Anthropology, Philosophy (London School of Economics) and Social Psychology (Cambridge). I went on to work in development cooperation in different countries and with different multi-lateral, bi-lateral and private institutions for over 15 years. With 21 I was diagnosed with a thyroid condition which I got under control with classical hormone therapy and homeopathic remedies. Travelling, stress and finding my path led to an increasingly unpleasant IBS condition. However, I was not at a point yet to wonder what I could do about it other than taking medication. All the while I practiced yoga & meditation, almost every day, by myself in with a great variety of teachers. The practice helped me navigate the ups and downs of my busy and sometimes hectic life. Various yoga teacher trainings helped me to deepen my practice over the years. read more...

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