My story

in 2013 I was very grateful to conceive of twins spontaneously at the age of 36 and deliver them without any complications. Since then, they and my husband have become my greatest source of joy & gratitude as well as my little “live-in zen masters”. Trying to do it all at the same time – twins, a challenging job, and a social life – brought me close to burn out at least three times in the first four years of being a mom. Mindfulness practice became more and more important for me, and “saved” me from completely burning out and helps me to cultivate a deep inner friendship and compassion with myself to grow more and more into the mother, the wife and the person I would like to be.

The call to train as a mindfulness teacher with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield (MMTCP) in 2018 gave me the “excuse” I needed to quit my job at one of the most prestigious foundations in Switzerland and set up my own yoga studio and become a full-time yoga and mindfulness teachers. This was one of the best decisions I’ve ever taken. I finally felt like I had something meaningful to offer to my clients! Around that time I also founded the association Achtsame Schulen Schweiz (mindful schools Switzerland) together with two friends, which has been a great source of inspiration, growth and joy ever since.

In spite of my career change, daily yoga and meditation my IBS condition did not improve. That was the start of my health journey. Thanks to my husband I discovered functional medicine and soon decided to train as a health coach (FMCA) as I felt that I could find information and tools to heal myself and provide meaningful support to many of my clients suffering from some kind of chronic condition. Thanks to the training I started to explore different dietary and-life style changes, listen more deeply to my own body and trust my inner wisdom. I realised that if we are ready to take small steps at a time, we can contribute a great deal to the healing of our bodies and our minds.

All the while deepening my mindfulness practice I realised to what extent it is possible to train the mind – like we can train the body – to turn towards wholesome and health promoting states of mind. We can practice serenity and open heartedness. And on this foundation we can bring greater compassion and joy into our lives, which not only benefits us, but allows us to connect with the beings around us.

These experiences helped me to feel more peace, connection, harmony and joy in my every-day life and to feel physically more energetic and mentally focused. On this basis I would like to support my clients on their own journey to trust their inner wisdom, find their personal way to greater wellbeing and a joyful life in harmony with others.


In my offers I combine my experience as certified yoga teacher (RYT® 500), Mindfulness teachers (Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program, des Greater Good Science Centers der University of Berkely with Jack Kornfield und Tara Brach), my studies in Social Anthropology (Ba. London School of Economics) and Social Psychology (MPhil. University of Cambridge), and my training as Functional Health Coach (Functional Medicine Coaching Academy).

I have been working for over 15 years in different institutions of development cooperation and child and youth development in Paris, Marocco, Munich und Zürich.

I'm in the broad of Achtsame Schulen Schweiz and Breathe International