My experience

In my offers I combine my experience as certified yoga teacher (RYT® 500), Mindfulness teachers (Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program, des Greater Good Science Centers der University of Berkely with Jack Kornfield und Tara Brach), my studies in Social Anthropology (Ba. London School of Economics) and Social Psychology (MPhil. University of Cambridge), and my training as Functional Health Coach (Functional Medicine Coaching Academy).

I have been working for over 15 years in different institutions of development cooperation and child and youth development in Paris, Marocco, Munich und Zürich.

I'm in the broad of Achtsame Schulen Schweiz and Breathe International

My Story

I always wanted to do something meaningful that helped people in some way. In my youthful enthusiasm, I thought that working in development cooperation would be my path, so I studied social anthropology, philosophy (London School of Economics) and social psychology (Cambridge). After that, I worked in development cooperation for more than 15 years in different countries and with different multilateral, bi-lateral and private institutions. At 21, I was diagnosed with thyroid disease, which I managed with classical hormone therapy and homeopathic remedies. Travel, stress and searching my way led to an increasingly uncomfortable irritable bowel syndrome. However, I was not yet at a point where I wondered how I could contribute to my own healing process besides taking medication. I began practicing yoga and meditation at age 20, almost every day, on my own and with different teachers and different styles of yoga. The practice helped me cope with the ups and downs of my often stressful life. Various yoga teacher trainings helped me deepen my practice over the years.

In 2013, I was very grateful to conceive of twins at the age of 36 and deliver them without complications. Since then, they and my husband have become my greatest source of joy and gratitude, as well as my little "Zen masters." Trying to do it all at once - twins, a demanding job, and a social life - brought me to the brink of burnout at least three times in the first four years of being a mother. Mindfulness practice became increasingly important to me and "saved" me from burning out completely. It helps me to cultivate inner friendship and compassion, and so and become more of the mother, wife, and person I want to be.

The strong call to take the Mindfulness Teacher Training with Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield (MMTCP) in 2018  gave me the "excuse" I needed to quit my job at one of the most prestigious foundations in Switzerland and open my own yoga studio and work full time as a yoga and mindfulness teacher. This was one of the best decisions I ever made! I finally felt like I could give something meaningful to my clients! At that time I also founded the association Mindful Schools Switzerland together with two friends, which is a great source of inspiration, growth and joy.

Despite my career change, daily yoga and meditation practice, my IBS did not improve. That was the beginning of my health journey. Thanks to my husband, I discovered functional medicine and decided to train as a health coach (FMCA) in 2021. Thanks to the training, I began to intensively explore a wide variety of approaches to self-healing and lifestyle changes. I found that I could contribute significantly to my own healing by learning to listen closely to my own body and trusting my inner wisdom. I realized that the combination of mindfulness, yoga and functional medicine - i.e. the combination of physical, mental and spiritual practices and lifestyle changes (and medication where needed!) - can significantly support us in healing.

To me, this is very positive news! We can use our physical and emotional challenges as an opportunity to know ourselves better and trust our bodies and inner wisdom more. We can learn to cultivate healing and health-promoting states of mind, such as compassion, serenity and joy, thereby strengthening our emotional resilience and immune system. Based on this, we can bring more compassion and joy into our lives, which not only benefits ourselves, but also allows us to connect with those around us.
I want to share this experience with my clients and support them on their own journey to trust their inner wisdom, cultivate a deep inner friendship with their body and mind, and find their personal path to greater well-being and a joyful life in harmony with others.