My experience

In my offers I combine my experience as certified yoga teacher (RYT® 500), Mindfulness teacher (Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Certification Program, des Greater Good Science Centers der University of Berkely with Jack Kornfield und Tara Brach), and Functional Health Coach (Functional Medicine Coaching Academy).

I have been working for over 15 years in different institutions of development cooperation and child and youth development in Paris, Marocco, Munich und Zürich and studies Social Anthropology (Ba. London School of Economics), and Social Psychology (MPhil. University of Cambridge),

I'm in the broad of Achtsame Schulen Schweiz and Breathe International

My Story

Already as a child I’ve been wondering about how to become a «good person». I was very interested in what gives meaning to peoples lives and how they become who they are. I therefore chose to study social anthropology, philosophy and social psychology. The first taught me, that it’s all about culture and that the only thing all cultures have in common is ritual – some way to help an individual human being to feel part of a greater whole. The latter taught me, that all human beings try to construct a stable sense of identity. I became very interested in «how» people do that. My curiosity about this issue and my desire to do something «meaningful» led me to work in development cooperation and live and work in various different countries and continents. I met so many kind and helpful people – especially in places where people had little material wealth. I truly believe that compassion is our first instinct. I also saw that all people want to be happy and nobody wants to suffer, as the Dalai Lama always sais. We all want to be seen, acknowledged, loved the way we are. And we want to be part of a community or a greater whole. The way we strive for happiness is very different and some people do not find the most appropriate means to meet their needs.

Of course I experienced ups and downs, I developed thyroid disfuntion at the age of 20, I lost my father to a long painful illness at the age of 26, I went through complicated relationships and periods of loneliness, I had ups and downs in my professional life… all the while yoga was my go-to practice to find inner peace and clarity. I tried many different therapeutic and healing techniques which all helped me in some way. Due do my own physical challenges of IBS and fatigue I became interested in functional medicine and trained as functional medicine health coach. The training helped me to learn a lot about how to improve my health and provided me with fantastic skills- very complementary to the skills I had acquired in my Yoga and Mindfulness trainings – to support people on their own path to better physical, emotional and mental health.  

The greatest blessing of my life are my husband and my twins born in 2013. Parenting brought it’s own challnges, trying so hard to give my best and falling short on my own expectations so often. I consider my kids my true spiritual guides. When they were small I discovered Vipassana practice and got very interested in Buddhist psychology, Eastern philosophy and Western research about the workings of the mind. My daily practice, regular retreats, the Mindfulness Meditation Teacher Training with Jack Kornfiled and Tara Brach. Daily Yoga Practice, very special spiritual friends, reading and listening to various famous and personal teachers have become a pivotal corner stone of my life and my happiness. In a way they confirmed from the inside, what I had experienced from the «outside»: we all want to be happy, we all want to be loved and we are naturally compassionate. But often we don’t dispose of very helpful strategies to pursue our happiness and be in deep connection with others, in connection with something greater than ourselves. We forget the luminous nature of our own – and other’s hearts. Practicing inner and outer compassion helps me – and most people I know – tremendously on the path to a happier, healther life. It would be a great honor and pleasure for me to support you with my skills and experiences on your path to good physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health!