Fasting for women

I've recently read a lot about women's health and I'm convinced that it makes a lot of sense to live more in tune with our cycle. This also applies to fasting. I've found a number of great contributions for Dr Mindy Pelz on this topic again. For women below 40 who'd like to become pregnant, it matters to not sabotage ovulation (estrogen production) through fasting. You should avoid long fasts (more than 15 hrs) around day 14 of your cycle.
For women between 40 and 55 (so called peri-menopause), you really do not want to sabotage your progesterone production , which happens between day 18-21 of your cycle. This means that you should try the longer fasts between day 1 (first day of bleeding) and day 18 of your cycle. And not fast for more than 15 hours after day 21 of your cycle - however long your cycle may be! Also be carful about your stress levels in that time. The body will make cortisol (for survival) over sex hormones. So if you are stressed from work, overexercising or fasting or eating the wrong stuff, your body will make cortisol in stead of progesterone. Take it easy, do you meditation, your walks, your gentle yoga, your bubble bath around day 20 of your cycle. I can really tell a difference!

Also it may be helpful to eat things that enhance your progesterone production around day 18-21, such as beans, nuts, rice, cruciferous vegetables and grass fed meat.

So if you are planning a longer fast, do try to plan if for the first 14 days of your cycle. If you not cycling anymore, you should also go in an out of fasting mode. 

Dr. Mindy has a number of really helpful talks and articles I strongly recommend you look into.

Fasting for women: what to do

For those of you who really want to get into the details: fasting for pregesterone: