Fasting Experiment Week 1

Dear Friends
I'm looking forward to starting our fasting experiment. We'll go on together for 6 weeks. We'll use the first week, to find a rhythm. So don't worry if it does not work right away. Just try again on the next day!

The first step is to decide your eating window. For me for instance, the ideal window would be: breakfast at 9am and dinner at 5pm. I've tried it before: it does not work with my family! So this time I'll do: Dinner before 7pm, coffee with cream at 10am, lunch at 12h30 pm. 

The second step is to decide whether you'd like to try for the full 7 days (remember we have 6 weeks to try) or whether you'd like to give yourself a break and do 5 out 7 days for instance. Especially if you are still cycling and you know, that there are days in your cycle it's really hard not to eat for more than 12 hours, factor that in. Give yourself a break for 2 days or so!

To keep your motivation up, I'd also suggest that you define a goal for the next six weeks. I for instance would like to establish a long term fasting habit - I don't know which exactly, that's why I want to do this experiment.

Remember what is going to happen in the 16 hrs of not eating: After 13hrs your insulin levels should be low (which is good!), and you should have more growth hormone than usual (which tends to go down after age 30). After 15 hrs "ketosis" or fat burning mode kicks and autophagy (when the body "eats" what it no longer needs) starts. This is why we want to experiment with longer fasts later. But let's stay with 16 hrs fast first! However, it's good to know that there is something called "keto flu" which can happen when you're new to ketosis. So if you feel low, try to stick with your 8/16 rhythm. You'll feel better after a few days.

Let's revisit some fasting challenges and tricks: 
- in your fasting window of 16 hrs, you should not consume anything other than water, herbal infusion, green tea and maybe some coffee. Soft drinks, Juices and Alcohol are considered food!
- think about what you eat to "break fast". It's recommended that you add some good fats. Start with an avocado, add some coconut oil to your breakfast. Or take a spoon of high quality MCT oil in your coffee. If you want to go into fast hacking mode you can try Dave Asprey's bullet proof coffee, with butter and MCT oil. This help the body stay in ketosis a little longer.
- avoid refined carbs - your pasta, bread, cookies etc.. especially in the evening. It will make fasting much more difficult.
- coffee: as I said, some people in the fasting community, such as Dave Asprey, looove coffee and say it supports ketosis. Others, especially doctors specialized in women's health recommend to avoid coffee, since it triggers your stress response and therefore raises insulin and therefore makes you hungry. Try it. But do not drink more coffee than usual, please.
- do not binge: your eating window does not mean that you're supposed to eat for 8 hours straight,  have all the treats you usually avoid to motivate you to stick with the fast - you get the point! Stick with three meals. For instance: have coffee with a splash of cream at 10am, lunch at 12h30, a snack at 4pm and dinner at 6h30 pm. 

I hope this will be a fun experience for you!!! Looking forward to hearing your recommendations, challenges, and successes!

 Foto von Shameel mukkath von Pexels